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3D Computer Game Design Course – Grades 2 to 5

The 3D Computer Game Design is a course that provides students with experiences and instruction in applying the fundamental skills and techniques in game development. Designed to introduce students to the elements and structure of game programming and design. The areas of major emphasis in the course are game methodology, programming, game genres, game theory, 2D and 3D interactive experiences and immersive environments. 

Students will identify the professional process of game design; articulate the role of a game designer, apply the elements of game design when modifying an existing game, and develop and refine a game prototype using an iterative process. Students will apply both creative and technical skills into design and refine in addition to implementing the adventure. We will be using Scratch for beginners as well as more advanced students. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course.

Students will learn, understand and know the following: Students will be able to describe, analyze, and/or critique games with a consistent vocabulary; design, develop and playtest games; understand the formal systems of games; communicate game designs through pitch, prototype, demonstrations and presentations.