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Personal Tutoring

SAT, SAT 2 or ACT Exam Preparation

Weather the SAT or the ACT or any other  University or College entrance exam,  time and time again it has been proven that  students who take the time to prepare do much  better then their peers.  Boston Education offers group courses or  individual tutoring for all US and UK University entrance exams.

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End of Year Exam Prep (A-levels, IB, IGCSE)

Doing well on the IB or A-Levels is a pivotal part of a successful University  application. Not only will the results of the IB or A-levels exams directly impact the  admissions decision, they will also help prepare a student for a successful University  career! We offer expert tutoring for all IB exams.

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AP Exams

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program (AP) test allows high school  students to take college-level courses and exams and earn college credit or  advanced placement. Many colleges and universities in the United States and other  countries have an AP policy granting incoming students credit, advanced  placement, or both, on the basis of their AP Exam grades. Many of these  institutions grant up to a full year of college credit (sophomore standing) to students  who earn a sufficient number of qualifying AP grades.