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Diagnostic PSAT, SAT and ACT Tests

Maja-TestimonialWe offer all interested schools free diagnostic testing and an individual analysis of test results for each and every student. Give your students the possibility to experience real PSAT, SAT or ACT tests under real testing conditions!

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What is the PSAT?

The PSAT can be thought of as a preliminary SAT or ACT. However, it doesn’t only serve as a “taster” of the SAT or ACT but depending on the score you have on it, you might be eligible for a National Merit Scholarship and other awards. With millions of dollars  given each year by various institutions to students who achieve a high PSAT score, this test is not to be taken lightly. The new PSAT which launched in October 2015 is a 2,5 hour long test consisted of: evidence based reading, writing and math. It has been remade to suit the new SAT scheduled for March 2016 debut!

What is SAT?

The SAT changed in March 2016! The new test, according to the College Board, will be a better indicator of college readiness. The new SAT will be 3 hours long plus an additional 50 minutes for an essay which is now optional. Unlike the old SAT the new SAT will have a somewhat changed format: evidence based reading and writing, math and an optional essay.

What is ACT?

The ACT is a college admission test consisting of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science plus an optional essay.  It is 2 hours 55 minutes long or 3 hours 35 minutes if you opt for the additional essay. It is scored on a scale from 1 to 36 for each section of the test and the final score is calculated as the average of the four sections rounded to the nearest whole number. ACT is a good alternative for some students who, for whatever reason, do not perform well on the SAT.

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