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STEAM Initiative

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What does the acronym STEAM stand for?

STEAM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics or Medicine, first coined in the late 20th century. Nowadays, the term is used in order to denote programs that integrate the study of science, technology, engineering as well as mathematics or medicine to K-12 students.

Why is STEAM important for your students?

Automation is connected to every aspect of our daily lives, with job markets rapidly changing in favor of employees capable of performing in STEAM fields, the importance of early exposure of students has never been more necessary or urgent. Children as young as seven can successfully learn how to write simple code through fun and playful activities.

At Boston Education, we developed an extracurricular program that schools can offer its students to better equip them for the challenges of the future.

Boston Education’s extracurricular STEAM program focuses on three main areas: Computing, Robotics, and Mathematics. We aim to popularize STEAM disciplines to even the youngest of students. Through a fun and engaging, but primarily practical approach, we teach important concepts while letting each and every student become a young explorer.