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Robotics and Coding

Robotics and Coding

Boston Education’s Coding and Robotics program is aimed at all students interested in exploring the world of robots. Each student gets his or her personal robot to make friends with and learn how to communicate with each other. Regardless of age, all students learn the principles of object oriented thinking.

Children as young as seven-year-old can successfully begin to learn embedded systems (like programming robots). At Boston Education, we use BBC micro:bit™ and Pro-bot™ among others to introduce children to the fun and exciting world of technology. Our approach expands children’s cognitive capacities while maintaining a fun-filled experience at the same time.

The preteen years play a critical role in the formation of young scientists. Eleven to thirteen-year-olds have a unique aptitude for technological learning. Our Middle School program nurtures this natural curiosity, and introduces students to the adventure of lifelong IT learning. Our robotics and coding program affords students direct, hands-on experience with Object Oriented Programming.

The students at the upper school engage with real, practical computer science challenges, such as learning algorithms and designing original apps and software. They experience both the difficulty and the gratification involved in solving the toughest problems relating to artificial intelligence.

We use micro:bit and Pro-bot to introduce children to robotics.
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