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The VR-math club offers students training in advanced topics of mathematics using virtual and augmented reality technologies  as well as helping them establish a connection between theoretical mathematics and practical, algorithmic, real-world problem solving using the same. Additionally, the VR-math club members are also encouraged and trained to participate in national and international math competitions.

Boston education acquaints young children (ages 7 to 10) to mathematics via kinesthetic learning methods

Our Foundation Course acquaints young children (ages 7 to 10) to mathematics via kinesthetic learning methods. The program utilizes games and toys, like Lego™ blocks, to introduce mathematics in ways that are both comprehensive and stimulating. Through our program, children develop a sharper awareness to both the curricular mathematics and every-day mathematical phenomena.

Students, ages 11 to 14, exercise applying their previous mathematical foundations to the world around them. They practice finding math solutions to quotidian problems, and receive training to detect and recognize the mathematical relation to other science fields, thus enhancing their knowledge of implicitly mathematical fields, like electricity or neuroscience.

This program introduces talented students to the most advanced levels of high school (ages 16 to 18) mathematics. Specifically, this program focuses on preparing students to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad, the world’s largest, most competitive high school math tournament. The Olympiad takes place annually and meets in different cities throughout the world.

Middle school kids learn to connect math with the real world.
High schoolers are prepared for International Math Olympiads.